‘Shazza’ breaks up a koala punch-on and becomes unofficial Queen of Australia

We’ve all heard of boxing kangaroos, but it seems our fluffy-eared friends are just as inclined to speak with their fists.

In a video posted on YouTube by a user named Bolwarracolt, two koalas are going at it hammer and tongs in the middle of the bloody highway.

They’re even doing that freaky shriek *shudders*.

A woman identified only as ‘Sharon’, who we’re just going to call the most true-blue sheila we’ve ever seen, marches right up to the pair and tells them to stop mucking around.

But she didn’t just stop them from tearing each other apart.

Watch the video in the player above

What these koalas didn’t realise is a mighty huge truck flooring it down the highway doesn’t care too much about who wins the wrestle.

Thanks to Sharon, these two lived to fight another day – hopefully in a more appropriate location without risk of being flattened.

Sharon yelling “Ah, you stupid bears!” saw a spike in giggles from our office.

But her garbling “Choof-choof-choof-choof! Tsh-tsh-tsh-tsh-tsh! Arh-arh-rah-rhu-rhu-gruh-grhp-grph!” was about the point at which we lost it.

That’s obviously Australian for ‘please vacate the road, kind sirs’.

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