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McDonald’s hit by Rick And Morty-induced sauce rage

Global fast food giants McDonald’s have been hit by a wave of cult cartoon rage while trying to play it cool for the kids.

The burger chain’s Rick And Morty promotion – which involved bringing back the company’s Szechuan sauce for a “super limited time” – has caused mini-riots across the globe, as stocks sold out at each restaurant almost immediately.

The promotion – which referenced a Season 3 episode’s mention of the sauce – was a magnet for fans of the cult show. The only problem was that most of the stores were only given 10 to 20 packets of sauce – with some not receiving any Szechuan at all.

Some stores had people queuing for four hours before the stores opened, with customers understandably upset when they received the bad news. At some stores police were required to keep the crowds at bay.

The result has been a public relations disaster for McDonald’s, who had tried to jump on board the success of the show to give themselves some valuable cool points.

The internet has since erupted with criticism of the Golden Arches, while stores all across the States saw chants of “We Want Sauce” once the Szechuan sold out.

McDonald’s tried to counteract the criticism by tweeting a sly insider reference to the show – but it was too little too late for Rick And Morty fans.

For those desperate for a hit of the Szechuan, packets have already begun appearing online – going for upwards of $AU600 a pop. There’s even a story about an American woman who traded a car for a hit of the sauce.

No word yet on whether the sauce will get a wider release, but at the present time it appears the only way to get sauced up is to head back in time with old mate Rick… or perhaps just get him to invent some.

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