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Brave, gay Q&A questioner shreds an LNP ‘NO’ senator over his disgusting LGBTQ comments

All it took was a simple question on Q&A to dismantle Nationals Senator Matt Canavan’s position in the same-sex marriage debate .

After the National Mental Health Commission warned the marriage equality survey would have damaging effects on Australian’s LGBTQ population, Canavan’s response was the kind of garbage we have come to expect from the ‘NO’ camp.

Appearing on Sky News, Canavan said that “debate hasn’t been that bad” (it has) and that team ‘YES’ should “grow a spine” and stop being “delicate little flowers”, which hits the trifecta of being hateful, stereotypical and false.

The Queensland-born senator then appeared on Q&A on Monday night and was rightfully put in his place by a gay audience member known only as “Gordon.”

Gordon described his experience as a gay man at an underprivileged public school, where he was continuously bullied both verbally and physically.

The examples he provided are enough to make you wince — this poor guy endured hell. Bullies even compared him to paedophiles.

After setting the scene, Gordon put a simple question to Canavan which utterly destroys the senator’s position and questions his ability to be a leader.

It’s unsurprising Canavan barely answered the question in his slimy response.

The senator has already exposed himself as a bigot totally lacking in empathy. The good news is, the ‘YES’ vote appears to be crushing it, so when same-sex marriage becomes legal Canavan can slither back to 1950 with Tony Abbott.

Contrary to what Canavan believes, LGBTQ people are incredibly brave and face discrimination and hardships that a cis white straight wealthy middle-aged man might have trouble understanding.

Oh, and if anyone bumps into Gordon, please buy that lad a beer.

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