No-one can handle Ryan Gosling’s emotional tribute to his beloved pup

Like all the best humans, Ryan Gosling loves dogs.

You heard me cat people, your kind isn’t welcome here.

Gosling has just shared a touching tribute to his beloved dog George.

It’s not like Gosling needs any help endearing himself to audiences – he seems like a genuinely nice guy (all Canadians are nice, really) and let’s face it, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Gosling’s goodest boy was a mixed-breed that sadly passed away this year aged 17.

Losing a pet is tough, and Gosling has been remembering his pupper by wearing George’s dog tag as a necklace and a t-shirt with his pooch’s picture on it.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, Gosling spoke about what made George so special.

“I think he felt like being a dog was beneath him. He would not do tricks. If you wanted him to sit down, you had to sort of convince him it was in his best interest,” Gosling said.

Gosling then went on to explain that George once sat at a restaurant seat like a regular human and had accompanied him on almost every film shoot.

After Ellen shared some concern about one of her dogs, which is getting on in years, Gosling talked about how George’s appearance had changed over time.

“George, as he started to age, started to look like an ageing rock star,” Gosling replied.

“He was sort of skinny-fat, he had big hair and no teeth, some open sores. But still sexy.”

In 2011, Gosling brought George onto the Jimmy Fallon show to show off his four-legged friend’s fresh new mohawk and further confirm the dog’s rock star attitude.

“Well like 10 years ago I shaved a mohawk, you know, just for the summer,” Gosling told Fallon.

“And then every time it started to grow out, he’d turn into a total jerk.”

Gosling told Ellen he’s not sure about getting a new dog just yet but his family is keeping him pretty busy in the meantime.

RIP George. By all accounts, you were one of the best boys ever.

Readers outside Australia, check out the video here.

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