Featured Image for The new LEGO Millennium Falcon set is a modern day Michelangelo’s David

The new LEGO Millennium Falcon set is a modern day Michelangelo’s David

And no, we’re not exaggerating one single bit.

LEGO has released the biggest and most expensive set the company has ever created, a hulking massive 7,541 piece rendition of what can be considered the most famous fictional vehicle in history.

The beloved Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (crying now).

The set comes out in the lead up to this year’s release of “The Last Jedi”, the eighth entry in the cinematic saga.

It also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the previous Millennium Falcon set, which also was the biggest model LEGO had released to that point with 5,195 pieces.

This updated Falcon surpasses every other set currently in the market, including the monstrous Taj Mahal, the Tower Bridge and even the Death Star.

The spaceship comes in two configurations.

One that mimics the Falcon from the original trilogy, with the round dish and a crew comprised of Han, Chewie, Leia, and C-3PO figures, and a second variant with slight modifications, a rectangular dish, and the new crew of old Han, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 figures like seen in the recent The Force Awakens.

So, what does it take to actually build this beast?

The answer is three geeks and $800 US ($1,299.99 in Australia)

Wired stepped up to the plate and set a group of employees to build the gargantuan model. And guess what? It took them three whole days. OH.MY.GOD.

First off, the assembly instructions are nothing like the folded sheet we’ve all seen from other LEGOs.

This one looks like an actual instructions manual for a spare part of the ISS Space Station. 400 plus pages. Spiral bound and all.

Looks like the boxes are printed with Han Solo quotes. Jesus. Breathe, breathe slowly young padawan.

The Wired team started their epic journey laying out all the bags that make up the ship. Impressive, most impressive.

Then they proceeded to build the main frame that supports the whole… that whole damn sexy thing that I want, no, that I NEED like, RIGHT NOW.

You know what, F*** this. I’ll just leave this article here.

Going out to rob some banks or sell some dope or something.

My life has no other purpose than to attain this pinnacle of human endeavour as soon as possible.

No, credit is not a valid answer R2D2.

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