Featured Image for HUGE! The Sydney Opera House will host the season premiere of Stranger Things

HUGE! The Sydney Opera House will host the season premiere of Stranger Things

The Sydney Opera House has managed to secure a deal with Netflix.

The Aussie icon will live-stream the season 2 premiere of the TV hit “Stranger Things” this October 27th, at the same time as the global premiere in Los Angeles.

The critically acclaimed, incredibly popular, and should I say, downright awesome cult Netflix-original drama will stream live in high profile venues in major capital cities all around the world, including London, San Paolo, Milan and Madrid.

Hours later it will drop on the Netflix platform for all their subscribers.

Marketing details about exactly how the event will play out still remain to be announced. What we do know so far is that last April, the streaming giant revealed it would spend around a Billion in marketing, including an increase in programmatic advertising activity – automatized digital ads – to drive member acquisition.

Sydney Opera House will receive a makeover for the occasion, with its Northern and Southern foyers decorated as 1984 Hawkings, including arcade games, pinball machines, thematic fast food and plenty more of that 80’s goodness.

Super fans lucky enough to attend are encouraged to dress up for the screening, in what seems to be the perfect lead up for Halloween.

Danielle Harvey, head of contemporary performance for the Sydney Opera House said about the event, “The Duffer Brothers have created a pitch-perfect homage to ‘80s celluloid legends like Spielberg and Stephen King that delivers the perfect shot of suspense and nostalgia.

“We are thrilled to present the world’s biggest Stranger Things fan event as part of the Opera House’s Contemporary Performance program – a home for visionary storytelling in popular culture.”

It’s no secret the Australian market is becoming increasingly important for global pop culture goods and services. This is not the first time brands have invested strongly in boutique marketing of this kind, with Pepsi, Heineken, and Showtime also hosting similar stunts recently.

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