Featured Image for WATCH: This Harry Potter vs Postal Plebiscite mashup is giving us life

WATCH: This Harry Potter vs Postal Plebiscite mashup is giving us life

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Harry Potter’s Uncle Vernon have a bit in common.

They are both angry old white men that don’t like what’s been happening in the mail lately. Uncle Vernon hates magic, and Tony must have seen what the preliminary poll said about ‘YES’ crushing it.

This similarity wasn’t lost on YouTuber Ace Alderman who has made a video that uses footage from the first Harry Potter film to lampoon old Tony.

Titled Harry Potter and the Postal Survey, the video uses scenes in which Harry tries to get his hands on his voting form (complete with Aussie coat of arms), but is repeatedly thwarted by Uncle Vernon.

Highlights include the bonkers lady from that awful ‘NO’ ad making a cameo and Tony getting attacked by a mob of flying letters. Check it out:

According to the estimate released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday, 9.2 million (57.5%) of survey forms have been returned.

That means there are still a lot of forms out there that need to make it in before the hard deadline of November 7th.

If you are registered and don’t have a form yet, the closing date for the request of a new form is 6pm (local time) on Friday 20 October.

Vote ‘YES’ because it’s the right thing to do.

As a bonus, it’ll make Tony Abbott angrier than Uncle Vernon when LGBT Australians get the equality they deserve.

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