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This absolute genius combined hundreds of faces to create the ultimate athlete

Indian data scientist and self-proclaimed open source fanboy, Soumitra Agarwal, has a much cooler hobby than you.

Over the past six months, Agarwal has collected photos of the top players in various sports, and written a script that merges the pixel data of each photo, effectively Frankenstein-ing a picture of the “ultimate athlete” in each sport.

After combining all the images from a particular sport, Agarwal runs them through a facial-alignment script which he also developed. The result? Some of the most generic, but believable artificially constructed faces on the internet. Each of them looks like they would absolutely dominate their given sport.

The footballer was created merging the top 300 FIFA players. The game’s universal appeal and fashionable facial hair are made very clear.

The average Fifa player

The average Fifa player (Credit: Soumitra Agarwal)

For golf, Agarwal gathered data from the top 500 professional golfers. He shared an in-depth analysis on which golfers have the most and least average face.

The average golf player

The average golf player (Credit: Soumitra Agarwal)

The basketballer was constructed from the top 225 players in the NBA.

The average NBA player

The average NBA player (Credit: Soumitra Agarwal)

Finally, in tennis, the current top 100 were used as Agarwal’s data.

The average tennis player

The average tennis player (Credit: Soumitra Agarwal)

As if creating and sharing these awesome pictures was not enough, Agarwal has also shared the scripts he used to do it. At long last, you too can create the perfect face from whatever group of people you like!

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