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The Nokia 3310 is back and this time it’ll work in Australia

After teasing Aussies earlier this year with a 2G version of the 3310, Nokia has announced a 3G version is hitting our shores next month.

Last November, Australian telcos started shutting down their 2G networks, so the first reboot was useless to us.

But that’s all changed. HMD Global, which now owns Nokia, held a global launch for the new 3G Nokia 3310 at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo yesterday.

The event was opened with Taronga’s snake handler playing with some real-life snakes, a homage to the 3310’s classic game.

“Clearly, the Australian market has always been one of the heartlands of Nokia,” HMD Global Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala told News Corp. “We heard very loud and clear that we need to take this seriously — a 3G version was a must.”

Forget Face ID, wireless charging and all that, this thing allows you to play SNAKE.

It also features everything you would expect from a 3310 – a battery that lasts forever (27 days standby!), an indestructible body and an alphanumeric keypad.

A little surprisingly, Rantala said that the phone is a big hit with Millennials, who would have been about 5 when the 3310 first came out.

“Some people are buying it as a fun phone, for a summer phone, for a festival phone, and many people buy it as an object of desire,” Rantala told News Corp.

That’s right, next year at Coachella the must-have accessory will be a 3310. You heard it here first.

The 3G Nokia 3310 will hit Aussie shelves on October 16 and will retail for $89.95. There are also a few modern touches – it has 64 GB of internal storage and a camera. It comes in four colours – charcoal, warm red, yellow and azure.

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