Featured Image for The first polls are out for the marriage equality vote…and YES is crushing it

The first polls are out for the marriage equality vote…and YES is crushing it

If these polls are any indication, it’s going to be a thrashing.

A new poll conducted for the Equality Campaign by Newgate research claims that 77 per cent of Australians have already voted in the postal survey for marriage equality.

The Newgate research poll also revealed a massive turnout of young voters, with 69 per cent of 18-24-year-olds already voting and another 17 per cent about to post their ballots.

Prior to the vote there was some concern that old fogies would be the only ones to bother posting something that would skew the vote towards ‘NO’.

But young Australians have come out to bat in a big way.

The Guardian notes that for the 1998 postal ballot, only 34 per cent of 18-24-year-olds voted. That’s a stark contrast with the 86 per cent predicted for the marriage equality vote.

In a separate poll conducted by Reachtel, YES appears to be cruising to victory.

According to that poll, 64.3 per cent of respondents have sent back their ballots and voted ‘YES’ and 15.5 per cent have voted ‘NO’.

Later today, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will release an official update on exactly how many forms it has received, but until then these poll numbers are encouraging.

“We’re delighted with the turnout, it’s a real sign people understand the power of their vote,” Australian Marriage Equality Director Tiernan Brady told Sky News.

“It reflects what we have been hearing on the doors, and on phone calls the campaign have been doing all around the country.”

Of course, we should all exercise caution when it comes to polls. These numbers definitely do not mean that ‘YES’ has already won.

Does anyone remember this little gem from last November?

If you are yet to return your vote to the ABS, remember the cutoff date is November 7th. If you are enrolled and haven’t received a form, you can request a replacement here.

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