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Louis Theroux explores drug addiction in harrowing new documentary series

Louis Theroux is returning to television with a new three-part series called Dark States – Heroin Town.

In the series, Theroux will explore America’s love affair with prescription painkillers and the resulting widespread dependency on opiates and increasing instances of heroin addiction.

Heroin – which many Americans have turned to after a recent crackdown on prescription drugs – now kills more Americans than gun crime.

According to the synopsis, Theroux travels to an Appalachian community in West Virginia where one-in-ten babies are born with an opiate dependency and the fatal overdose rate is 13-times the national average.

There, he uses his unique interviewing style to find out more about the community and the devastation caused by drug addiction.

Theroux is known for tackling taboo or lesser known topics, having covered street crime, superjails, swingers and most recently, Scientology.

Last year, he embedded himself in King’s College Hospital in south London to investigate extreme alcoholism in a documentary called Drinking to Oblivion.

If you found that one tough going, Dark States looks set to be even more hardcore.

In the trailer, we get out first glimpse of some the residents of the community. One woman says she has been using heroin since she was 12 and a man – who appears to live in a tent – confesses to stealing from his kids. We also see a woman showing Theroux her favourite shotgun.

Theroux will reportedly follow Dark States with two other US city-theme documentaries called Murder In Milwaukee and Sex Trafficking Houston.

Although it was reported earlier this year that the U.S.-themed Theroux documentaries will take on U.S. President Donald Trump, it looks like this is not the case.

“I immerse myself in some of the most dysfunctional and disturbing aspects of American society,” told The Independent. “They combine hard-hitting actuality with intimate interviews.”

Dark States airs on BBC Two on 8 October at 9pm. No word yet on when Aussies can get there hands on it, but no doubt it’ll be available online soon after.

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