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Comedian brilliantly insults every world flag in amazing Tweet-storm

Hot on the heels of the ongoing #TakeAKnee controversy, comedian Ken Cheng has jumped on the nationalist bandwagon, but not as you’d expect.

He’s gone to the bother of insulting pretty much every flag in the world.

British comedian Ken Cheng is mainly known for his popular Youtube character “Mark Liu” and reaching the final of the 2015 BBC New Comedy Awards.

Last weekend the US president Donald Trump called “sons of b******” all the NFL players who decide to kneel during the national anthem.

The symbol is a protest against social injustice and police violence suffered by African Americans, done for the first time by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016.

Trump’s divisive comments have sparked incredible controversy and huge debate over the very meaning of the concept of patriotism.

Ken Chen decided to weigh into the discussion in a very amusing way.

He told Indy100, “People are getting worked up at the idea of disrespecting a flag but I thought it would be fun to do all of them, in the true spirit of equality. I don’t actually hate them, in fact not caring about them, either way, is why I’m happy to disrespect them”

His thread exploded all over the internet garnering thousands of shares and mentions on social media.

When asked about the unprecedented popularity of his idea he answered,

“I think what people like about this thread is it was totally unexpected but also makes a lot of sense given the news recently. I hope my next thing won’t be trying to capitalise on this idea as that’s what people expect. My dream to once again have that surprise factor.”

“wtf you didn’t even try, just 3 colours what are you an ice cream?”

“(I’ll make sure to label every country so it doubles as an educational tool to learn all the flags)

Go suck a d*** Switzerland”

“A shield ain’t gonna protect you from what I’m going to say Slovakia…

You’re ugly.”

“Actually have to admit Swaziland flag is cool, NFL players would struggle to take a knee, esp as it looks like an actual football”

“OK Sri Lanka is pretty badass, it’s a lion with a SWORD, a lion is already a powerful animal in the wild and they gave it a SWORD”

We reckon he saved his best for Australia, though:

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