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This AI robot is all of us failing miserably at basic tasks

Look, maybe they won’t be taking our jobs after all. Humans have been wringing our hands over the dangers of artificial intelligence (with the notable inclusion of Elon Musk), but some of those fears have been alleviated after seeing what this Boston Dynamics robot served up.

The formerly Google-owned mechatronics company has become renowned the world over for producing some of the most intelligent robots in the world, including this adorable/terrifying robot dog that can run, hop and open doors:

But even Boston Dynamics has learned that things don’t always go to plan.

During a TED Talk, founder Marc Raibert was showing off his company’s latest toys, one of which was the Atlas, a third generation humanoid robot.

They’ve been trying to see how efficient the Atlas robots could be atrudimentary tasks like moving boxes around, and the results were… mixed…

They’ve been able to get up to two-thirds the speed of human packing, but as the video above shows, they don’t always nail it.

In an experience we can definitely all relate to, Atlas was having an absolute shocker of a day trying to stack the shelves – bumping crap around everywhere, dropping the boxes and just generally having a shitty time of it.

Don’t worry mate, we’ve all been there.

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