Featured Image for Tony Abbott protests ‘Same Love’ performance at NRL GF, Twitter eats him alive

Tony Abbott protests ‘Same Love’ performance at NRL GF, Twitter eats him alive

In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Tony Abbott is out here having a whinge about same-sex marriage.

In his latest, depressing effort to stay relevant, the former Prime Minister is getting his undies in a twist over Macklemore’s upcoming NRL Grand Final performance.

The rapper announced that he’ll be performing his marriage equality anthem, Same Love, and this is something Tony just simply will not stand for!

But as he should know by now, the Internet never forgets.

Twitter nerds wasted little time dragging the bloke over the coals for his crippling lack of self-awareness and selective memory:

Maybe he’s still just upset because his NRL Grand Final performance didn’t go to plan 🙁

There are plenty of perfectly good reasons not to want Macklemore to play at the NRL Grand Final:

1. He kind of sucks.

2. Every NRL performance should be John Farnham singing ‘You’re The Voice’.

But making some BS argument about sport and politics is not one of them.

Sport is about inclusion, people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the game they love.

This may terrify Tony and his 1950s worldview, but frankly mate, nobody gives a damn.

If Johnny Howard can live with Midnight Oil performing at the Sydney Olympics, maybe you can suck this one up.

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