Aussie legends start the first ever “Mullet Festival”, brings Facebook to its knees

Ah, the ol’ mullet. Its immortal status in this humble land is right up there with ice-cold tinnies, utes and Bunnings snags — and now there’s a flipping festival for it.

Admit it: this shindig is something you didn’t know you needed until right now, at which point you should already be reaching for the clippers to carve your own ticket to the gathering at Redcliffe Skatepark in QLD. The seed was planted by a fine lookin’ fella by the name of Jay, who created the humbly titled “Mullet Festival” onFacebook .

Almost 3,000 folks have already clicked ‘attending’ with another 7,000 marked as ‘interested’, and the event description is just bloody perfect:

Its all about the mullets. If you got a filthy piece of mullet on the back of your head. Rock up. Drink up. And make sure that mullet is flaring. At the end of the day they will be an award for most disgusting, but beautiful mullet. And a prize of a 50-deck of Winnie Blues + and a six pack of your choice. So come on down for a bogan day out.

Mullets posted to the Facebook event.

Credit: Joel O’Brien

Just picture an absolute swarm of Queensland’s most infamous characters congregating to show off their filthiest rat’s nests, ape drapes, hockey hair, Mississippi mudflaps and beaver paddles.

Business up front, party at the back.

If you’re the proud owner of some grimy feathers hanging down the back of your neck, do yourself a favour and hit up the event. For all other aspiring Joe Dirts and Dirtettes who don’t quite have the goods just yet, hit up the barbershop or get a shaggy DIY cut for bonus points.

Here are some of the most putrid, squalid and grotty mullets (all compliments, mind you) to be posted on the event page so far:

Mullets posted to the Facebook event.

Credit: Jake Duddy (left), Mic Dc (right)

Mullets posted to the Facebook event.

Credit: Jacob Murrell (left), Ed Wardo (right)

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