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Two travel bags to rule them all

The latest crowd-funded campaign from NOMATIC is a traveller’s dream, set to update the classic travel bag and bring it into the twenty-first century in style. Oh, and it’s already raised more than two million dollars on Kickstarter.

Earlier this year I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do — chuck it all in and go travelling around the world for a few months. But after two weeks in the skies and on the rails, it became overwhelmingly obvious why people tend to backpack across Europe; lugging a suitcase around is a goddamn nightmare.

But after returning home, wiser and much more well travelled, I decided that there must be a better way — something more than just stuffing all my things into a backpack, but still less than hauling a suitcase onto plane after plane, train after train, and taxi after taxi — so I turned to the internet.

It’s because of things like this that I love Kickstarter — after all, it was on Kickstarter that I first found the coolest pot plant ever, and who could forget those sweet cat-ear headphones?

But while those discoveries were simply cool for the sake of being cool, this latest discovery is cool because of how innovative and useful it is (I just wish they’d done it sooner!)

Nomatic Backpack Open

The backpack and travel bag have been engineered by Salt Lake City duo Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, the brains behind NOMATIC, whose last Kickstarter funded campaign was their original travel bag, which raised over a million dollars itself back in 2016.

Since then, the team has gone back to the drawing board and taken the suggestions of their original backers to re-engineer their travel bag — and come up with a highly functional everyday backpack to match.

Both the NOMATIC backpack and the travel bag sport some pretty clever features like a fleece-lined pocket at the top for storing things like your phone without fear of scratching, a lockable RFID Blocking security pocket that can be used to store things like your passport or wallet to protect your information from NFC skimming, a removable hard shell for protecting glasses from getting crushed or bent, and a ton of other cool features that you never knew you needed.

Nomatic Backpack Comparison

The guys over at NOMATIC will be adding their new backpack and travel pack – along with a few other branded accessories – to their website. The products ship worldwide, so anyone can get them!

So, sure, it won’t help me retroactively, but now that I’m infected with wanderlust, I am all but set for the next trip — Antarctica, here I come!

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