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This Aussie genius invented ‘O Bike Fishing’ and we bloody love it

In what appears to be the beginning of a new sport of its own, filmmaker and Youtuber Tommy Jacket has decided to take a plunge in the Yarra river to go hunting for the most recent species of useless fish discovered by science. oBikes.

Since Singapore based company oBike started operating in Melbourne last June, the good intended initiative has proven to be more of a nuisance than a viable solution to the city’s mobility.

Their dockless system, – that differs from their main competitor Melbourne Bike Share – that allows users to leave their bikes anywhere, is becoming a headache to authorities.

oBike’s initial intention is to provide GPS enabled bicycles to relieve traffic and reduce commuting times. You download their app, locate the bike closest to you, and ride it away for around $2 dollars for half an hour.

The thing is, people are dumping their oBikes just about everywhere, creating clutter, visual pollution and potential tripping hazard for pedestrians.

The City of Melbourne has recently began to sweep the streets for bikes they consider misplaced and is declaring them “illegally dumped rubbish under investigation”.

These yellow metallic beasts have already been temporarily banned in Amsterdam and London for the same exact reason, and Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle said he would do the same thing if the problem wasn’t fixed soon.

“We work hard to keep the city free of clutter. They are clutter and that must be fixed,” the Mayor said in August.

“We are working with oBike but if an agreed solution is not found, this is the track we will have to take.”

In the face of this bicycle invasion, Youtuber Tommy Jacket armed himself with a hook and plenty of rope and decided to go fishing for these annoying contraptions. In his hilarious video, he manages to pick up 7 bikes, which is not so shabby at all, considering he’s the pioneer of a whole new sportive practice.

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