Featured Image for Velcro really, really wants you to stop saying ‘Velcro’

Velcro really, really wants you to stop saying ‘Velcro’

Did you know that “Velcro” is actually the name of the company that manufactures the crunchy adhesive we know so well? So, what is the name of the stuff holding my shoes and wallet together? The substantially less catchy “Hook and Loop Fasteners”.

Hook and Loop Fasteners were invented by a Swiss Engineer named George de Mestral, who secured a patent for the product from 1955. For 20 years, Velcro, the company he founded, was the only manufacturer of the product, until his patent expired and other cheaper competitors entered the market.

Over the years, Velcro has tried to distinguish itself from their competition, publishing guidelines of appropriate use of their brand name and adopting the slogan: “There is only one“.

This time around, they’re taking a more lighthearted approach, but it’s still pretty optimistic.

Their campaign features an ensemble of real lawyers and actors staging a first-world-problem benefit concert with some serious 80s vibes.

With over 100,000 views in 10 hours, people seem to like the video, although commenters indicate that they are unlikely to change.

“0% chance of this working,” wrote Redditor OgFinnish.

Velcro has gone all out, even releasing an 8 minute “Behind the Scenes” video of the production.

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