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Flat-earther thinks this beach sign proves the world is flat, swiftly gets destroyed by common sense

A flat-Earth conspiracy theorist has attracted worldwide attention with a sign that “proves” the Earth is flat.

Spoiler: Sign doesn’t prove anything, Earth is round, Flat-Earthers are idiots.

The sign was planted at a Dunedin beach in New Zealand and reads “It’s sea level, not sea curve Do Research!! YouTube: 200 Proofs Earth is NOT a Spinning Ball By Eric Dubay” and the obligatory “Wake Up!”

To be fair, the sign does have some decent pictures on it. And everyone knows the best research is always found on YouTube.

The video promoted on the sign is a whopping two hours long and if you are feeling particularly masochistic you can watch it below.

If you need a counter-argument, here is a four-minute video that explains why the Earth is round.

The sign was spotted by local man Stephen Voss, who was out for a stroll when he came across the bizarre message.

Voss – who is a general practitioner and amateur astronomer – was immediately convinced and is now a member of the flat-Earth chapter in Dunedin.

I’m just kidding.

Voss posted a pic of the sign on Facebook so everyone can laugh at flat-Earthers some more.

Last week, flat-Earth YouTuber D Marble took stupid to a whole new, uh level when he brought a spirit level on a plane to prove that the Earth is flat. That’s not how planes, spirit levels or science work, buddy.

Flat-Earthers aren’t new. Many ancient civilizations believed the Earth was flat until around 6th century BC when Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras stated that Earth is spherical.

People pretty much agreed with Pythagoras for the next 1000 years, but the roundness of Earth wasn’t proven until Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world in the sixteenth century. The key word here is “around”, Magellan and his crew did not fall off the Earth.

But somehow flat-Earthers persisted. In the late 19th century a group of writers were inspired by the Bedford Level experiment to resurrect the idea of a flat Earth. The experiment involves sailing a boat down a long, flat river. If the world is curved, we should see the boat gradually get lower.

The early experiments seemed to show the boat remaining in constant view, thus proving a flat Earth. However, subsequent experiments have shown this to be inaccurate: the boat lowers in accordance with the Earth’s curvature.

Even now, in the 21st-century flat-Earthers are out there. Rapper B.o.B is one of the more vocal adherents and he has just launched a GoFundMe page to raise $200,000 to further his investigation.

So far, the campaign has raised $266 and the Earth is (still) round.

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