Featured Image for Prince Harry did a devil sign next to Melania Trump, and the Internet is losing its mind

Prince Harry did a devil sign next to Melania Trump, and the Internet is losing its mind

The truth is out there. Prince Harry met Melania Trump for the first time over the weekend, as the two made an appearance at the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Harry and Melania took some photos together and reportedly had a brief meeting that lasted around half an hour. But was something more sinister afoot?

Twitter users were quick to point out that while taking pictures with the First Lady, Harry held his hands in an unmistakable pose – the sign of the horns, which is often associated with the devil.

OK, so maybe he was just unbuttoning his coat. But a video showed that he held the pose for quite some time.

It all makes sense now.

Harry didn’t create the Invictus Games just to support wounded army personnel and veterans – that’s just a cover. He actually uses the Games to meet up with fellow members of the Illuminati so they can maintain world domination.

At least, that’s what conspiracy theorists might tell you. Either that or Harry is the Anti-Christ.

HuffPost inexplicably decided to throw some resources at this and ask some experts what they made of the Prince (of Darkness?)’s gesture.

Body language expert Patti Wood told HuffPost that Harry was most likely placing his hand on his tummy as an act of self-comfort.

“I’ve seen world leaders in photo shoots with Trump and I see a lot of what are called self-comfort cues,” she said. “This would be considered one of those. It looks like the devil’s horn but it is also hand to belly. “At the very least it would be a comfort cue, and show a lot of tension and a need to protect his central core.”

Old Hazza was probably a bit rattled is all. The Games was also his first time stepping out with Meghan Markle so he was just a nervous. Throw in a First Lady and you can see why the poor guy was rubbing his belly for comfort.

Unless…in Italy, the sign of the horns is used to signify a cuckold, so perhaps Harry was trying to tell us something else. Are Trump and his supporters all massive cucks?

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