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Bill Nye, the SnapChat Guy?

Bill Nye is known for making science fun. A bunch of bikini’d babes were certainly doing that when the TV teacher entered their Vegas elevator. Clad in his trademark coat and dickie-bow, his appearance sent the girls into raptures.

One of the party was filming a snapchat at the time, in which Bill is now an unwilling feature. With a Twitter handle that screams science enthusiast “Savmasta” (Savannah Prosch) managed to elicit a response from the celebrity boffin and then obviously released the video. Nye gives the girls a classy “Hi” and then proceeds to look after his own business for the remainder of the clip.

According to Prosch, Nye was a complete legend off camera as well and:

“shook our hands asked if we walked to take a picture, and that if so could we do it in the elevator. My roommates said he would save the world. They wish he was president. He said thank, shook our hands, and it was his stop.”

Thriving parody twitter account @BillNyeTho jumped on it and twitter went ballistic.

Bill was even trolled by his own in Adelaide where he was participating in the International Astronautical Congress. Loving the topical song choice.

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