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Tony Abbott headbutter: It wasn’t politically motivated

There are many forms of legitimate political protest justified under rights of free speech – and quite a few illegitimate ones.

This week, in the middle of the ongoing same-sex marriage debate, a story emerged that former Prime Minister Tony ‘Threatened By Gays’ Abbott had been headbutted by a ‘Yes’ supporter in Tasmania.

Upon hearing of the incident, supporters of the ‘No’ campaign jumped into action, tarring all Yes supporters as crazy headbutters while warning of a future of social unrest should the plebiscite pass – presumably with gays marrying each other and dishing out the headbutts left, right and centre like rainbow flags on Oxford Street.

The only problem? No-one asked the headbutter – who was apparently wearing a Yes campaign badge – if the action was politically motivated.

Turns out it wasn’t.

In perhaps the most colourful interview of the entire same-sex marriage campaign, Tasmanian man Astro Labe said he didn’t headbutt the former PM due to his stance on gay marriage – but rather because he is a “f***ing worm”.

If you’re sensitive about language, it’s probably best not to read on – because it gets pretty salty.

It was nothing really remotely to do with that. It’s just about Tony Abbott, the f***ing worm that he is. All it was is I saw Tony Abbott and I’d had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c**t.

This was nothing to do with [same-sex marriage]. That’s just my personal hatred.

Labe told the press headbutting the former PM was a “lifelong ambition” and went on to say that Abbott was fortunate that things didn’t get even more violent

I was like ‘Tony, Tony’, I kind of trotted up behind him. I trotted up behind him, ‘I just want to shake your hand’ and just went bang. Kind of missed it. Gave him a fat lip. He got off pretty lightly. He’s just lucky I’m not a violent c**t. I’m an anarchist, he’s an evil c**t.

Despite being charged with common assault, Labe said if he had his time over he’d probably do the exact same thing.

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