An ingenious way to weed your garden without lifting a finger

Do you love gardening, but hate weeding? Do you have a robotic vacuum for indoors, and wish maintaining your outdoors was just as easy? It sounds like you need a Tertill in your life.

Tertill is a robotic weeding machine which gained support through Kickstarter. The project raised $AUD 389,000 – well above the initial $AUD 149,000 goal.

The little weed whacker was created for Franklin Robotics by Joe Jones, iRobot’s first official employee and the inventor of the world’s most iconic robot vacuum cleaner, the Roomba (which would probably explain where Tertill draws its low-line, circular aesthetic inspiration from), and was ideated as far back as April 2015.

Being promoted as an environmentally (and just mentally) friendly solution to the monotonous task of weeding, the Tertill is completely mechanical, not using any chemicals in its work, and is completely solar powered.

Tertill Specs

With all that tech and weaponry, Tertill will send your weeds to the Shredder!

The unit does, however, also have a micro USB port for back up charging, just in Casey you experience a prolonged period of unusually dark days — which should be incredibly rare, as even on overcast days, there is still enough ambient light to charge Tertill’s battery.

Tertill is a fully four-wheel-drive robot with enough sensors to put the original Apollo missions to shame — he can sense what kind of ground he’s on, if there are steep inclines, and knows who he’s run into a plant or has come across a weed.

The undercarriage weed whacker works by identifying small plants under the body of Tertill, snipping them clean to the ground, and reducing them to Splinters — the idea being that as Tertill does his rounds each day, as those weeds start to grow back, he just whacks them right back down again.

“But, hang on a minute,” I hear you say, “What about my little shrubs that I’ve just planted? Won’t Tertill think those are weeds and whack them into infinity?” Yes and no. Tertill also comes with a ‘collar’ which can be placed around your seedlings until they’re old enough to avoid Tertill’s wrath.

Aside from the collars around your smaller plants, you will also need to completely enclose your garden so that Tertill knows when to turn back around — otherwise he’ll just keep wandering until he hits a wall.

Other than that, Tertill is completely autonomous, drawing power from the sun, he sets out each day to weed your garden, so you don’t have to; and since he’s weatherproof, you can just leave him to do his work, there’s no need to bring him inside when it rains.

Watch the video in the player above to see Tertill in action!

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