Featured Image for Scientists have found another “Octopus City” along the Australian coast

Scientists have found another “Octopus City” along the Australian coast

The Octopus uprising is underway.

Scientists have discovered another octopus city in the Jervis Bay on the coastline of eastern Australia.

Dubbed “Octlantis”, the city is home to around 15 Common Sydney or Gloomy Octopuses (Octopus tetricus), a type of octopus found in the Oceania region with an arm span of up to 2 metres.

The researchers left cameras at Octlantis to monitor the octopuses behavior over an eight day period and found that the creatures have built a collection of dens and are engaging in complex social behaviors.

Over the course of the study, the octopuses were seen to communicate, hang out, meet up, hook up and fight. At one point, an octopus evicted his fellow cephalopod from a den. Life can be tough on the mean streets of Oclantis.

The discovery of Octlantis further confirms that this species of octopus is social, rather than the loner type, as was initially thought.

In 2009, scientists found a similar site in fairly close proximity to Octlantis which they named “Octopolis.”

“At both sites, the octopuses engage in frequent and complex social behaviors that are unusual for many species of octopus, ” the researchers wrote in their study. “The discovery reported here of the second site underscores that the first site was not a unique result of a human artifact that apparently provided the nucleus for the formation of the original site.”

At Octopolis, the ocoptuses have been known to get into pretty serious fights, at one point even appearing to use shells as weapons. Behold, the Octopus Thunderdome:

When octopuses aren’t building cities or making weapons, they have been known to steal from fisherman, escape aquariums and even alter their own evolution. In other words, they are damn smart and you should feel bad about eating them.

Either the octopuses are planning something or they know something we don’t. Whichever it is, we need to keep an eye on these creatures.

Looking at recent headlines (Trump, North Korea, Climate Change, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Apocalypse), maybe we should all consider packing it in and living Under the Sea.

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