A futuristic and fun way to handle the future of big cities

We guarantee you’ve never travelled like this before.

Uno Bolt is self-described as the “world’s first e-unicycle with gyro force technology”, which is a convoluted way to describe a one-wheeled mountain bike.

The bike is currently looking for community funding through Indiegogo. To date, the Uno Bolt team have raised $AUD 16k of their $AUD 24k goal. There are still two weeks of fundraising to go.

While riders of the Uno Bolt do look a little odd, the bike is pretty impressive. Weighing 20 kg and reaching speeds of 35 km/h, the bike is a solid commuter vehicle. It’s easy to charge at home beforehand, taking 45 minutes to get up to a 100% charge.

And for those asking the all-important question – yes, it does have a horn.

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