Featured Image for Polaroid’s new OneStep 2 was made for the modern hipster

Polaroid’s new OneStep 2 was made for the modern hipster

It feels just like yesterday Polaroid was going bankrupt! Who would have guessed that nearly a decade later Polaroid would manage to reinvent themselves to be the iconic go-to item for millennials and hipsters alike?!

After what seemed to be an official death of the beloved Polaroid, came the instant film heroes of our time: The Impossible Project.

The Impossible Project chose a fitting name for their company because they really did do the impossible. They took a dying product and reinvented it. They had to completely recreate instant film, primarily because previous instant film factories had been destroyed.

Now, fast forward about ten years and you’ll see that The Impossible Project is the primary producer of Polaroid 600 instant film. Even though The Impossible Project has already made leaps and bounds with its development, the best move they’ve made yet has been choosing to rebrand themselves as Polaroid Originals.

If you consider yourself to be all that is “hipster”, then you may want to sit down for this one: Polaroid Originals is launching the OneStep 2–which is essentially an AU$180 instant camera that shoots re-engineered classic Type-600 Polaroid photos.

For those who have been following The Impossible Project’s progress, you probably already know that the OneStep 2 is the company’s second instant camera. However, the OneStep 2 is considered to be more user-friendly, more economical and ultimately more practical.

And not to mention, it looks insanely cool.

Polaroid OneStep 2 up close.

A side view of the Polaroid OneStep 2.

A back view of the Polaroid OneStep 2.

The Polaroid OneStep 2's film compartment.


Now, to answer the question you’ve been wondering this entire time…yes, the OneStep 2 is extremely selfie-friendly. In fact, there’s a timer setting that goes up to 8 seconds.

What more could you want? If you’re thinking things like a built-in rechargeable battery, the ability to adjust the exposure before taking the photo or simply film that will develop quickly, then today is your lucky day because the OneStep 2 has it all!

I will note that although the film might be considered a little pricey (it’s AU$3 per shot),it is a guaranteed way to up your hipster game.

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