What’s the scariest part about moving to Mars?

Josh Richards is one of a small team of forward-thinking Earthlings aiming to Settle humans on Mars.

The Aussie physicist/stand-up comedian/soldier is a frontrunner to be sent to Mars as part of the Mars One Project. He took the time to chat to Techly about his upcoming mission – who will say the first words on Mars, how to say goodbye to your loved ones, and the all-important specifics of having sex in space.

Even though he’s been training for years, there are (understandably) still some things which spook Josh about leaving Earth forever.

The Mars One team have been working with psychologists to pre-emptively manage the issues that will arise when Earth is no longer in view, and Mars is still a distant destination.

But what comes as a surprise is that the scariest thing for Josh isn’t the unending blackness or isolation. His fears are a little bit nobler.

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