Ellen and Seinfeld think Netflix is a total joke, and they’re happy to tell you why

It’s not every day that a bunch of well-loved comedians come together to heap crap on an equally well-loved streaming platform.

But today is that rare day.

Tying in with the Emmys hype, Netflix released a stellar supercut of American comedians Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle wreaking havoc in Netflix’s most popular originals.

Ellen chats to Winston Churchill on the set of The Crown about some health problems he may or may not be having, while Seinfeld knocks Frank Underwood’s confidence (remarkably difficult to do).

While this is going down, Dave Chappelle is encouraging the Stranger Things kiddos to steal, and Chris Rock is sowing the seeds for a prison riot in the Orange is the New Black cafeteria.

A lot is happening, and it’s all to draw attention to Netflix’s newest releases of stand-up specials. All four comedians think Netflix is a joke, but they’ll do a special anyway. Why the heck not?

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