Featured Image for “Aussie Scrabble” edition lets you play true blue ‘Strayan slang

“Aussie Scrabble” edition lets you play true blue ‘Strayan slang

Strewth! Devo! Wuss! Playing these Aussie words against your relos is now totally fair dinkum.

Toy manufacturing company Mattel launched a new “Aussie Scrabble” featuring Strayan slang last Thursday.

After receiving more than 20,000 submissions on social media, Mattel teamed up with the Australian Scrabble Players Assocation to come up more than 250 playable Aussie slang words.

“It’s a fun twist on the classic game of Scrabble,” the company’s marketing manager Jacinta Whitehead told The Age. “It allows you to use Aussie slang words on the board and you actually get bonus points for every slang word you use with your tiles.”

Yep, in Aussie Scrabble you can receive bonus points for using slang such as “arvo”, “ambos”, “biffo”, “brekkie”, “footy”, “prezzy” and “stonkered” and “sickie”.

For the non-Aussies out there who need a primer, the general rule is to abbreviate everything and add an “ee” or “oh” sound to the end. These two lads famously got it pretty right. They are gonna be Aussie Scrabble demons.

To celebrate the launch of Aussie Scrabble, low-cost domestic carrier Jetstar got in on the action by unveiling a special decal on one of its Airbus A320s. Jetstar was also involved in the word submission process, which took place on its Facebook page.

Scrabble is one of the world’s most popular board games. It is sold in 121 countries and is available in 29 languages. It is estimated that over 150 million copies have been sold worldwide and that over half the homes in the U.K. own one.

Last month, Australian-born David Eldar became the new Scrabble world champion. Eldar clinched the title with the word “carrels” for 74 points. A “carrel” is one of those small cubicle desk things you see in libraries.

Originally from Melbourne but now living in London, Eldar may have to brush up on his Aussie slang a bit before trying the new version.

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    Alison L

    Wednesday 6 December 2017

    Now if Mattel could treat users with some respect and iron out the 1,000 bugs that are in it we would be a lot happier. What would you expect from a company that makes Barbie?