Featured Image for Coca-Cola launches a rainbow themed can in support of marriage equality

Coca-Cola launches a rainbow themed can in support of marriage equality

Coca-Cola has decided to pitch their two cents into Australia’s marriage equality discussion, releasing a limited celebratory can just for the occasion.

The company has stated that all proceedings from this limited edition will be funnelled into the “Yes” campaign. In their official press release Coca-Cola underlines their past history in defence of civil rights and underlines their compromise in the fight for equality for all.

“Coca-Cola believes in the power of bringing people together. Whether it was the struggle for human rights in the United States in the 1960s to a group of young people from many nations on a hilltop in Italy in the 1971, around the world we’ve always stood up for diversity, inclusion and equality.”

They further add, “We proudly strive for these qualities in our own business and support these rights for all in society. Every person has the right to happiness, so we believe it’s time for a change in Australia. No matter who you are or who you love, all couples should be treated equally.”

I’m always kind of suspicious when big corporations jump on the hype train of civil rights issues to clear up their image and gain some marketing traction, but I do have to admit, Coca-Cola Australia is actually putting their money where their mouth is with this one. Aside from the new can designs, they also turned their iconic Kings Cross billboard into an ad in favor of the “Yes” campaign.

Just a friendly reminder, enrolled Australians will receive the postal survey after September 12 and will have until November 7 to mail it back.

Here are the key dates you need to be aware of:

  • 12 September – Survey mailed out to eligible voters
  • 11 October – Last day to order replacement survey
  • 7 November – Ballots must be returned to ABS
  • 15 November – Survey results will be published on the ABS website

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