Featured Image for Sydney Apple fan commits to 10 day sleep-out to score an iPhone 8

Sydney Apple fan commits to 10 day sleep-out to score an iPhone 8

Youtuber Mazen Kourouche has decided to camp outside Apple’s George St. store in Sydney for 10 days until the release of the iPhone 8 on September 22.

Sydney based Kourouche posts phone reviews and other tech-related ramblings in his Youtube channel.

His initial intention was to be the very first in line for the release of the iPhone X, but when it was announced that preorders for the prohibitively expensive emoji machine will not open until October the 27th, Kourouche decided to shift his focus to the smaller model.

He spoke to News.com.au about his impressions of the new release, “I’m not fond of the 8. If you compare it to the 7, you’ll notice not much has changed and that it’s all small updates,”

Not surprisingly, Mazen did a similar thing last year, lining up early to get hold of an iPhone 7. This year though, the 20-year-old enlisted the help of two friends to ensure they do not lose their position over the coming days at the front of the line.

“At least I know where the bathroom is and food, it’s pretty much all set-up,” he stated,

“We have a tent and sleeping bag, and with my mate, we will rotate shifts.”

Last year’s iPhone 7 release was kind of a mess, with people waiting in line for hours only to find out that the jet black iPhone 7 Plus units were already sold out and would not be available in stores. Anticipating this scenario, aside from living like a hobo for 10 days in front of an electronics store, Mr. Kourouche will also preorder the device online. “I am looking to pre-order even though I am lining up,” he said. Smart fellow.

Although incredibly expensive, the tech community is still raving all over the announced features of the tenth anniversary iPhone X. The device, which allegedly will start shipping in early October, will include an edge-to-edge OLED display, (kind of) wireless charging and facial recognition security.

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