Featured Image for Did you notice the eerie parallels between Black Mirror and the iPhone X?

Did you notice the eerie parallels between Black Mirror and the iPhone X?

Just three words. THE WALDO MOMENT

The internet is still talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of yesterday’s Apple’s keynote presentation in which they introduced their two new flagship products, the “affordable” $700 dollar iPhone 8 and the $1000 dollar iPhone X.

The iPhone X, the more expensive of the two and already dubbed in some internet forums as the $1000 emoji machine, introduces something called “animojis”, a new feature in iOS 11 that allows you to control emojis in real time with your own facial expressions . This is possible via the phone’s new Face ID face-scanning hardware.

Shortly after the unveiling of Apple’s new phone, the official Twitter account of the popular TV series Black Mirror posted a thinly veiled reference to one of their weirdest episodes.

The post was an a GIF screengrab from Apple’s presentation where we can see these “animojis” on display. The thing is, in between the sassy pig and the super useful poop emoji was none other than Waldo, the infamous cartoon character that ran for office in “The Waldo Moment”, a Black Mirror episode from 2013.

Black Mirror Series 2 'The Waldo Moment' Trailer from Passion Animation Studios on Vimeo.

In this episode, an outsider who controls a blue cartoon bear-thing manages to win the election basing his campaign on an anti-establishment discourse. To many analysts the show is the perfect analogy to the rise to power of TV personality Donald Trump in the 2016 US elections.

Speaking about the terrifying resemblance of the episode to real life, Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror told The Hollywood reporter last year, “It’s more prescient than I realized. He’s (Waldo) an anti-politics candidate who’s raucous and defensive, and that’s all he is, and he offers nothing. He insults everyone and they lap it up because they’re so sick of the status quo. And then you look at Trump…”

The fourth season of Black Mirror, will return this year to Netflix, although no dates have been confirmed yet. The new season trailer is still making neurons pop all over the internet. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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