Featured Image for Twitter’s reaction to the new iPhone announcement was priceless

Twitter’s reaction to the new iPhone announcement was priceless

As expected, Apple unveiled 3 new iPhones today – the 8, 8 Plus and the X.

Techly’s James Daly took one for the team, staying up till 3am AEST to write this live blog of the event.

If you missed that or don’t know the details, here is the critical info (we’ve broken it all down here):

The 8 and 8 Plus is a semi-typical update. New processor, new camera, new feature (wireless charging).

The iPhone X is a different story. It has all of the above plus a totally bezel-less screen, no home button and Face ID.

So yep, while other iPhone users have to unlock their phones with fingers like absolute peasants, X users will be able to just look at their phone to get it going.

Face ID will also power those new “Animojis” – emojis that match your facial expressions.

Aside from the phones, Apple also announced a new 4G Apple Watch and 4K streaming on Apple TV.

Naturally, Twitter has had A LOT to say about the event, especially the new phones. Here is a roundup of all the best reactions and memes.


H Y P E:

Uh, comfort?

Drinking game:



Face ID:

For Aussie pricing and release dates see here. (Spoiler nothing is cheap, RIP your bank balance).

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