Featured Image for Sydney, gaze upon this amazing mural of Tony Abbott marrying himself in your city

Sydney, gaze upon this amazing mural of Tony Abbott marrying himself in your city

More than 30,000 people marched on Sydney’s Town Hall in support of same-sex marriage (SSM) on Sunday.

It was the largest marriage equality rally in Australian history and further proof that Aussies will hopefully do the right thing and vote “YES” in the upcoming and unnecessary postal vote.

While the rally was taking place, Aussie street artist Scottie Marsh was putting the finishing touches on his latest mural.

The result is this beauty: A giant mural of old Tony marrying himself.

Marsh told The Australian that he started painting the mural on Saturday to coincide with the postal vote which officially commenced its mail out on Tuesday. He addes that Abbott has turned the SMM debate into “a strange war about social justice warriors and political correctedness.”

Almost as if to prove it, Abbott wrote a bonkers op-ed published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday.

In it, he makes utterly nonsense claims such as:

Supporters of same sex marriage say they are concerned about the bigotry and intolerance that will be whipped up by the plebiscite now going ahead. So far, it’s the supporters of change, not the opponents, who’ve been responsible for bullying and hate speech.

Seriously, if you haven’t read the whole thing, don’t bother. It’s absolute tripe and 99% of the comments say something to the effect of “piss off back to 1950 Tony.”

Not everyone is onboard with the Tony mural, and it has even ruffled a few feathers in the “yes” camp.

But Marsh – who is also Team Yes – told The Australian that he mainly did it to get under Tony’s skin. “He is a self-serving politician and he’ll hate to see himself depicted like this,” Marsh said.

ABC’s Triple J Hack contacted Tony Abbott for a response but didn’t get one. Tony’s sister, however, did respond. She told Hack the mural was a “great example of modern street art.” Buuuuuurn.

Marsh rose to fame with previous murals, which included one of former NSW premier “Casino” Mike Baird and another of Kanye West kissing himself.

Marsh told both the ABC and The Australian that he is looking for a wall in Manly for his next piece.

It isn’t hard to guess why – Manly is within Warringah, Tony’s electorate.

If Marsh gets his wall, we’ll no doubt be seeing more works of art involving the former Prime Minister.

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