Featured Image for LIVE iPhone X/ iPhone 8 launch: Apple’s announcements, Apple Watch LTE, Apple TV 4K, iOS 11

LIVE iPhone X/ iPhone 8 launch: Apple’s announcements, Apple Watch LTE, Apple TV 4K, iOS 11

Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 launch today.

Welcome to Techly’s live blog of Apple’s big announcements for the upcoming year, including updates to the Apple Watch LTE, macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, and of course, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

It’s expected that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, will reveal the fancy new features of all of these devices and software options in front of hundreds of attendees, and thousands more online.

The iPhone questions attracting the biggest hype have been:


Techly’s watching the whole event, which starts at 3 AM AEST. We’ll be commenting on the most interesting and – knowing Apple – most unexpected updates related to the September 13 launch. Get involved on Twitter (@Techlyau), or leave a comment!

Read Techly’s guide on how to stream the launch (if you’re a non-Apple lurker). If not, jump on over to Apple’s streaming page, which will be live at 3 AM AEST.

Live updates from Apple’s iPhone 8 announcement (AEST time):

2:55am: Good morning! 5 minutes to go time! ⏰

3:00am: And we’re off! Starting with a stunning montage of photos of the new event space. Gotta admit, it’s a beautiful looking building

3:01am: We’ve got The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” playing during this montage, lots of Steve Jobs vibes

3:02am: Apple is kicking off things with a monologue by Steve Jobs, this is definitely an important event for them. The screen just says ‘Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater”

3:03am: And Tim Cook’s out on stage! “It was only fitting that Steve should open this theater”. Tim sounds like he has a lump in his throat, this is definitely a sentimental moment.

3:06am: This is a really touching tribute to Steve Jobs. A more subdued opening to an Apple keynote, but very genuine.

3:08am: “I’d like to take a moment to talk about what’s happening in Florida and Texas. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

3:10am: Angela’s now up on stage for an update on Apple Retail!

3:12am: “Our people are our soul…they humanise our technology”

3:13am: The new Apple Store design looks beautiful! Spaces for relaxing, lots of trees, more of a collaborative chillout space than a store. Includes an area for app developers and business owners to work and collaborate.

3:15am: And we have a video! Introducing “Today At Apple”, presentations and lessons from creatives on art, games, apps and more

3:17am: ‘Town Centres’ is the vibe they’re going for here

3:20am: Nice that they put such an emphasis on their retail team, as well as their corporate team

3:21am: On to the first products! Apple Watch, 50% year-on-year growth. The Apple Watch “is now the number 1 watch in the world”

3:22am: We have another video, this time people reading out letters they’ve written to Apple about their experiences with the Apple Watch. Strong focus on fitness and health in this vid

3:24am: “We have some great news about the future of Apple Watch”

3:25am: We’re running through the new fitness features coming to the Watch. Gymkit’s looking awesome – syncing with gym equipment

3:26am: The Watch is getting a whole new app and presentation for the heart rate monitor. Adding notifications for elevated heart rate when the wearer doesn’t appear to be active – great feature

3:28am: “The Apple Heart Study” – just announced. Using data from Apple Watch, in partnership with Stanford Medicine, will analyse and help with irregularities within heart rate measurements.

3:28am: Sept 19th WatchOS 4 is launched to all users

3:28am: SUPER dramatic video of a surfer to announce the next generation watch! Looks amazing

3:31am: There it is! Cellular on the Apple Watch!

3:31am: Siri can now talk back, the red crown that leaked is there

3:34am: Apple Watch Series 3 looks like a worthy upgrade! Being able to make a standalone phone call on something this tiny is pretty awesome. Same size as previous model

3:36am: Phone call just made on stage to an Apple employee, Watch to Watch, turns out she’s on a stand-up paddle board making this call! The audio sounds surprisingly clear. The only mic she has is the one on the watch “That’s just darn close to magic”

3:37am: Lots of new band colours, new band style for sport, and an upgrade to Nike Watch app and bands. Ceramic Watch now comes in a dark grey finish as well.

3:39am: Apple Watch Series 1 sticking around, as well as Series 3. Optus and Telstra are the Aussie carriers at launch for the Watch. Orders open Sept 15, launch on Sept 22nd

3:40am: New video, showcasing Watch with cellular + AirPods and all the active things you can do with it without wires. Skateboarder going nuts in the video

3:41am: “40 million songs on your wrist” with Apple Music on the Watch.

3:41am: And that’s it for the Watch! On to the Apple TV now

3:42am: “I’m so excited to introduce Apple TV 4K”

3:43am: Eddy Cue up on stage to talk about 4K

3:44am: Ooh, not just 4K, but HDR as well!

3:45am: They’ve re-done all the screensavers in 4K, because of course.

3:46am: Eddy’s playing a clip from Spiderman to demo the screen. The TV uses the A10X chip, same as in the iPad Pro

3:48am: Wow big push for 4K – all 4K movies will be same price as HD movies, and if you’ve purchased an HD movie in the past it’ll be upgraded to 4K free of charge

3:48am: And live sports are coming to Apple TV as well! Loooots more services being integrated: TenPlay, channel 9, and more

3:50am: We now have a demo of a new Apple TV game to show off the A10X chip

3:52am: This game looks absolutely beautiful. Called ‘Sky’. I’m still not a fan of using the Siri remote as a controller, but gotta admit the game is absolutely beautiful thanks to Metal 2 and the A10X chip

3:53am: Live sports and live news will be huge for pushing Apple TV as a strong TV alternative

3:55am: And Tim’s back on stage. It’s iPhone time: “Technology fused with humanity can improve people’s lives and change the world”

3:56am: Tim’s doing a rundone of things the iPhone has introduced: multi-touch, App Store, these are legitimately huge milestones in tech.

3:57am: Here we go! Video reveal!

3:58am: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus! Phill Schiller’s on stage to walk us through it. This is a very fast reveal, hints and another phone to come.

3:59am: New gold colour, new Retina displays, new speakers that are 25% louder with a deeper bass, A11 Bionic chip. But those bezels! THOSE BEZELS ARE STILL THERE

4:02am: Wow Phil is RACING through this spec rundown

4:03am: Looking at photos taken with the new 8 and 8 Plus. The new camera looks pretty nuts

4:04am: So, chip improvements, camera improvements, same hardware design: so far it’s very “7S”. There’s gotta be something else coming…

4:05am: “Machine learning creates facial landmarks and adjusts the lighting over just your face” – Portrait Mode improvements to lighting. Not filters, real-time analysis to the light on your subject’s face. You can change the lighting effects later as well.

4:07am: “iPhone 8 is the highest quality video capture ever in a phone”

4:07am: 4K at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps

4:08am: Now talking about AR, and how the iPhone 8 is made perfectly for it

4:10am: ARkit game demos. Holding up your iPhone at baseball games gives you real-time player stats when you hold it up at a real world game. Sports applications will be HUGE!

4:11am: On-stage demo of an ARkit game. Real-time AR battle game, set on the keynote stage

4:12am: “AR allows us to use our position in the real world to gain a tactical advantage”

4:13am: Wow, spatial sound – in-game volume gets louder or softer depending on how close you stand to the game in AR. When an in-game solid object is between you and the action it also blocks out sound

4:14am: Boom there it is – wireless charging!

4:15am: “Qi open wireless charging standard”: this actually looks pretty cool. Envisioning cafes, airports, restaurants, and cars building in charge pads, so you can just put your phone down almost anywhere and just start charging

4:16am: iPhone 8 only has 2 storage configurations: 64GB and 256GB

4:18am: Tim’s said it! “We have one more thing…” “We have great respect for these words, and don’t use them lightly.”

4:19am: Video reveal of the iPhone X, pronounced “ten”, not ‘”x”

4:20am: Looks like the leaked designs were on the money! Edge to edge screen, vertical dual lens. Phil’s back on stage to tell us more

4:20am: All new display called Super Retina display. 5.8″ screen. 2436×1125 resolution. 458ppi

4:21am: And an OLED display! Finally!

4:23am: As we expected, no more home button. Just swipe up from the bottom to go to the home screen instead, across all apps.

4:24am: Siri activation by saying “Hey Siri”, or by pressing the side button. Unlocking your iPhone X is done by “Face ID”. Facial recognition, let’s see if they’ve done it right…

4:26am: TrueDepth camera system at the top of the phone, works even in the dark using an IR camera.

4:26am: Sheesh there’s a lot of tech in that TrueDepth camera system

4:27am: Neural engine to process all of this with machine learning

4:27am: This is good. Looks like it won’t be fooled like Samsung’s face unlock: IR, dot camera, depth sensing and more. Could be a huge step forward for ficing the security problems of a fingerprint. The phone learns and adapts to who you are, with small changes like putting on glasses, growing a beard etc. Constantly tweaking and learning.

4:28am: Apple engineering team has even worked with Hollywood mask makers to protect against super realistic masks.

4:30am: Security: 1 in 1,000,000 chance of a random person in the population being able to unlock your phone with their face

4:31am: Works with Apple Pay as well, as well as any apps that currently use Touch ID

4:32am: Animoji! Your expressions are tracked and worked into an emoji. You can speak through an emoji!

4:33am: Craig’s on stage now to talk through the phone. Oh no, first impression of Face ID has failed and defaulted to the passcode!

4:35am: Seeing as swiping up brings you to your home screen now, control centre is accessed by swiping down on your status bar in the top right corner of the phone

4:35am: Phew, Face ID is working for Craig now. Very cool demo, holding the phone up but not looking at it: screen stays off. As soon as he looks at the phone it wakes.

4:37am: Craig’s demoing Snapchat now. He’s wearing a flower crown on stage. This is definitely new ? In all seriousness, the tracking and detail on the face filters is pretty insane

4:39am: The Animoji demo is amazing – Craig has it open and tracking his face while presenting the Keynote: seeing the poo emoji speaking with Craig’s voice and facial expression, presenting new features is something else


4:41am: Phil’s back on stage for a spec wrap-up

4:43am: Battery on iPhone X lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7!

4:44am: This is big: one charging panel to wireless charge all your devices: iPhone 8/X, Series 3 Watch, and new AirPods all charge off the same single charging pad. Thank goodness for this. Called AirPower.

4:46am: Yesss here’s the standard Jony Ive voiceover video on the iPhone X

4:49am: We’re seeing some more demos of the new camera capabilities in this video, being able to change lighting effects looks amazing. Also Portrait Mode support for the front-facing camera

4:52am: Still waiting on Aussie pricing

4:54am: Tim’s giving a shoutout to all Apple employees, asking that they stand

4:55am: Alrighty, Tim’s wrapping up and directing people to the hands-on area.

4:57am: And that’s it from us! Make sure to stay tuned to Techly today for more detail on everything announced today. Thanks for following along! ?

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