How do you tell your mum you’re leaving Earth forever?

“Hey Mum, just thought I should tell you there’s a very good chance I’m going to Mars and never coming back. Anyway, how are you?”

That’s essentially the conversation Josh Richards had to have with his mother when he was shortlisted for the Mars One project.

The Aussie physicist/stand-up comedian/soldier is a frontrunner to be sent to Mars forever as part of the daring mission spearheaded by eccentric Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp.

But while this is a thrilling prospect for Josh, it is, as he admits, pretty much a “death sentence” because he’ll never be able to see his family or friends again when that rocket takes off.

When I sat down with Josh for Techly Talks, he talked us through the difficult process of telling his mum, and her surprising reaction to the news.

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