Heartfelt video for Australian marriage equality urges Aussies to #RingYourRellos

At the heart of the marriage equality debate are people. Ordinary Australians who are in love or who want to be free to love.

It’s simple enough, but the ‘Vote No’ and ‘Vote Yes’ campaigns can sometimes confuse the issue.

The premise of the latest video released by The Equality Campaign, a joint initiative of Australian Marriage Equality and Australians For Equality, is simple. Have conversations – however uncomfortable – with your friends and relatives about the upcoming postal plebiscite. Ask them how they plan to vote, why a ‘yes’ vote matters to you, and run through how they can submit their ballot.

In this vid, an Aussie named Lisa calls her grandma, whose religious views skew her perception of the postal plebiscite. But there’s a BUT! Lisa’s grandma recognises the importance of marriage equality to her granddaughter and her partner – “Love is the most important part of your life… to be loved and loved back. Share it.”

Last week, I volunteered to have real – sometimes a little bit difficult – conversations with Australians for the ‘Yes’ campaign. It really was as simple as Lisa’s call. I spoke to a number of Aussies (and a fair few answering machines) about the upcoming vote. There’s a genuine feeling of a groundswell of change in Australia.

You can call from anywhere – either following a fact sheet at home or surrounded by others at Yes HQ. You can get involved here.

Buuuuut there’s a chance that the postal plebiscite is buried today. The High Court is currently deliberating over the challenge submitted by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie. The crux of the challenge is that spending $120 million of Treasury funds on a non-emergency situation can’t be supported. The decision is expected to be released at 2:15 today, so we’ll come back to the challenge a little later.

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