Featured Image for Beloved cartoon, The Magic School Bus, gets revamped by Netflix

Beloved cartoon, The Magic School Bus, gets revamped by Netflix

Remember that fascinating-but-also-genuinely-terrifying show where a school bus full of kids were regularly turned into blood cells or asteroids?

Yeah, The Magic School Bus. With the crazy-haired Miss Frizzle and that tiny iguana.

It’s alllll coming back now, isn’t it?

Netflix has rebooted the educational classic, with Miss Frizzle’s sister – Fiona Felicity Frizzle – stepping up to the plate. She’s voiced by Kate McKinnon, so there’s huge potential for this to be an excellent new series.

But not everyone is impressed. Some have shut down the low-budget animation, while others are rejecting the change in Frizzles with #NotMyFrizzle.

The main unifier seems to be the nostalgia factor. It’s a show that lots of kids loved, with interactive ways of making complex concepts accessible.

If you know a kid (including you) who would love the show, The Magic School Bus Rides Again will be available on Netflix from September 29. Watch the trailer in the player above!

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