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JK Rowling refuses to stop body-slamming Trump on Twitter

Someone should just put JK Rowling and Trump in a boxing ring together and let them punch out their differences.

The Harry Potter author is back at it again, taking a break from penning fantastical stories about underage wizards to rinse the President of the United States on Twitter.

Trump’s come under fire again (I feel like I write this phrase at least five times a week) for his response to Hurricane Harvey.

People thought his behaviour when he visited Houston was a bit tone-deaf and boneheaded:

One of those people was Rowling, who delivered this swift and brutal burn:

Aaaaannnd then of course, everyone piled on:

It’s just the last in a series of Rowling burns – taking pot shots at POTUS for his handling of the ‘America has heaps of real Nazis’ scandal

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