What will life on Mars be like?

So…how exactly is humanity going to colonise Mars?

Where does the whole process begin?

Josh Richards is preparing to be one of four Earthlings to settle Mars as part of NASA’s Mars One program. Two men and two women will land on Mars, which Josh describes as “not a particularly pleasant place to be”.

The surface and atmosphere are full of radiation, so humans aren’t (yet) able to walk around on the Red Planet in the same way that we can enjoy life on Earth.

Once Josh and his team arrive on Mars, there’s a two-year wait until the next crew arrives. So the priorities are staying safe and healthy, monitoring the changes in their bodies, and watching the world go by.

Oh, and make sure you watch all the way through to find out how NASA’s research for this endeavour had a huge part to play in the whole quinoa/ kale/ superfoods phenomenon.

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