Featured Image for Sydney couple hold most Aussie wedding reception ever at Bunnings 

Sydney couple hold most Aussie wedding reception ever at Bunnings 

A Sydney couple has taken their love for each other – and Bunnings – to the next level.

On Saturday, Jordan and Chantelle Wilson’s nuptials became a contender for “the most Aussie wedding ever” after the groomsmen did shoeys and the wedding party headed to Bunnings for the reception.

A pic of the unorthodox yet brilliant celebration was snapped and posted to The Bell Tower Times Facebook page, where it has received over 9 thousand reactions and seven thousand comments.

“I told my wife for months this is all I wanted. I wouldn’t say it was planned, she didn’t have a choice,” Jordan told Daily Mail Australia.

It’s been said marriage is all about compromise and Jordan seems to have stumbled at the first hurdle here.

The good news is the bride and wedding party seemed pretty stoked by the choice of location.

Jordan showed early on that he meant business.

“We got there and went straight to the snags. No side salad, just straight to the Bunnings stand,” Jordan continued.

No true Bunnings fan gets salad. Remember when that Mentone Bunnings sold vegan snags? The world almost ended. Apocalypse narrowly averted.

“They asked if she wanted onions and she said, “I do”. It was the best. And they say Australians aren’t cultured!” Jordan concluded.

As well as providing world class snags, Bunnings also gifted the newlyweds with a carpet cleaner.

This is not the first time that a Bunnings has been treated as a restaurant. Over in Warrnambool, a Bunnings has received top notch reviews on Trip Advisor and is currently the fourth best place to eat in the region.

Further proof that Bunnings is more than just a hardware store. It’s a way of life.

Also, I have a stellar idea for the Wilsons’ honeymoon. How about a trip to the recently opened UK Bunnings?

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