Featured Image for Twitter explodes after Dan Sultan’s incredible #ChangeTheDate rant on Q&A

Twitter explodes after Dan Sultan’s incredible #ChangeTheDate rant on Q&A

Dan Sultan has always been an outspoken campaigner for indigenous issues.

The legendary Aussie musician was invited to a fiery edition of Q&A, clashing with the newly-woke Attorney-General, George Brandis and the occasionally sensible but mostly bizarre-o Senator, Jacquie Lambie.

The conversation turned to changing the date of Australia Day after a number of Melbourne councils have opted to ditch the day in protest.

Brandis and Lambie both took fairly agnostic positions, admitting that we had a shameful past but hey, we may as well just keep the date because national unity and our culture and other vague, meaningless platitudes.

Sultan was brave enough to take the leap though, perfectly articulating the case for moving the date.

For me, the best line of the night (and maybe the whole season) was when Lambie bemoaned Australia “losing our culture” – to which Sultan immediately snapped back,

“Heaven forbid you lose your culture.” Sultan shot back.

*Kisses fingers like Italian chef*

Of course, this set Twitter off into tailspin:

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