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Who will die in the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale?

After seven short weeks packed with Game of Thrones action, the end is nigh.

With the Season 7 finale airing in a matter of hours, it’s time to revisit the leaks, spoilers and predictions and talk about the one major death likely to happen.


We have already looked at the evidence for some major events that will take place in the finale, as well as the budding romance between Jon and Dany.

Game of Thrones is known for ending seasons with a bang, with major deaths either taking place in the finale or penultimate episode (as in the case of the Red Wedding).

For example, season 1 ends with the death of Khal Drogo and Tywin dies at the end of season 4. Season 5 ends with one of the most shocking deaths of all – Jon Snow – but thanks to some Red Woman magic he returns.

And who can forget season 6, which really ended with a bang when Cersei blew up a bunch of Tyrells and the High Septon. Poor old Tommen jumps out a window too.


It looks like the major death of this finale will be none other than Petyr Baelish, AKA Littlefinger.

Fans are so sure of his imminent demise that they have already begun to eulogize him on Reddit.

According to leakers, this is how Littlefinger will meet his demise:

Sansa turns out to be more than capable of handling Littlefinger. After he attempts to play the Stark sisters against each other (by using Sansa’s letter to Robb from ages ago) she realises what a poison he is in their midst and sentences him to execution, which is delivered in style by Arya, using the dagger that was intended to kill Bran way back in S01E02.


“The season for the girls ends with Sansa sentencing LF to death and Arya slicing his throat, then the two of them talking about missing Ned and their mother.”

If this leaked script page is accurate, Littlefinger’s last word will be “Sansa”.

Littlefinger was a devious character, and I for one will miss him. He was a self-made man who, lacking his own family sigil, came up with his own.

It was always him against the world, and although he may not have been the strongest or most handsome in Westeros, he was one of the smartest.

Like most (all?) characters in the Game of Thrones, he had his flaws.

He loved Catelyn and then her daughter Sansa, which is downright creepy. He also had a fling with Catelyn’s batty sister and then flung her out the Moon Door. That wasn’t so bad. But we should never forgive him for marrying Sansa to the evil Ramsay Bolton.

Littlefinger was a joy to watch sometimes too. Hiding in the shadows, whispering secrets, engaging in battles of wits. A manipulator who prided himself on staying one step ahead of everyone.

Unfortanutely for Littlefinger, he met his match in Bran, someone who can truly see the steps ahead rather than just imagine them.

RIP Petry Baelish, Season 1 – Season 7.

Remember him in one of his finest moments, delivering his famous “chaos is a ladder” speech.

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