Featured Image for There are photos of Tormund without a beard and it’s making me feel things

There are photos of Tormund without a beard and it’s making me feel things

Very important world news: Tormund without a beard is boner-fide babe.

The burly ranga/wildling stole our hearts in the latest episode of Game of Thrones when he confessed his love for Brienne of Tarth.

And if these photos are anything to go by, dude is in with a hell-of-a-shot.

Photos have been emerging of Kristofer Hivju without his trademark beard, and if I’m being completely honest, they’re making me feel things I’ve never felt for a man before.

It’s like he’s gazing deep into my soul. He gets me. (IG/khivju)

Australia, please vote yes so I can lock this dude down.

Aaaaannndd because the Game of Thrones Twitter is mostly just a place for lonely nerds to vent their thirst…it quickly descended into a sloppy mess:

But it hasn’t been all positive feedback – different strokes for different folks etc etc.

Is it a worry that Tormund with a beard vs Tormund without a beard is the biggest argument on the Internet right now?

I mean, yeah.

But that’s just what happens when another certain redhead dominates the news cycle for a week for tacitly supporting Nazis.

This is news now.

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