Featured Image for A remarkable amount of work went into THAT battle scene in Game of Thrones Episode 6

A remarkable amount of work went into THAT battle scene in Game of Thrones Episode 6

Game of Thrones never ceases to amaze us with its ambition when it comes to capturing spectacular shots.

Through of use of ingenious location scouting and top-notch CGI, the show’s production team has managed to make a lot of people feel like Westeros is a real place. And a huge amount of effort has gone into making it seem so real.

That’s very important for the show’s success because the big challenge facing fantasy and sci-fi projects looking for mainstream popularity has always been suspension of disbelief.

People who aren’t necessarily fans of the fantasy genre sometimes need an extra layer of realism to help them accept a world with dragons and magic, allowing them to actually care about the emotional stakes of the story.

So it’s understandable that there would be a lot of attention to detail. But it might surprise you to find out just how much can go into a single episode of the show. The battle scene in most recent episode took five weeks to film.

This is what fans will miss about Game of Thrones. There’s really nothing else like it on television.

And although some people don’t like to see behind the scenes and find out how the sausage is made, fearing that it might undercut their enjoyment of the final product, it really just makes it all the more impressive in this case.

So what will replace Game of Thrones, now that executives realize how much money they can make with high budget fantasy shows? Possibly something like Dragonlance.

Because Hollywood has now realized how much amazing source material there is to be found in pulp fantasy novels, so why make up an original story? Fantasy books like Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels have been begging to be adapted for years now, and Hollywood is finally starting to pay attention.

Whatever comes along to fill the void left by Game of Thrones when it ends next season, we can probably expect more spectacular shots like the ones we’ve become used to seeing on the show. The hyper-realistic fantasy of Game of Thrones isn’t going anywhere – it’s ushering in a new age of television. Hopefully.

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