Australia-wide push for half a million young Aussies to enrol for equality

The postal plebiscite is a reality. No-one asked for it, but there’s a chance to make it worthwhile.

Today is the last day that Australians who are not already enrolled, or who need to update their details, can do so. You’ve got until midnight to get on the Australian Electoral Commission’s site and enter your deets.

Key facts:

Australians over the age of 18 have until midnight on August 24 to register with the Australian Electoral Commission.

If you are not on the electoral roll you need to enrol here. It can be done faster than Ryan Channing can swim.

If you are already on the roll but have changed your address you can update your details here.

The vote is voluntary and ballots must be turned in by November 7 2017.

The AEC’s breakdown of those missing from the electoral roll is pretty depressing, with the assumption that the youth vote would lean strongly toward ‘yes’.

The one good thing to come out of this glorified survey will be larger numbers of enrolled young voters, who will shake things up in conservative electorates across the country in the next election.

Speaking to Buzzfeed Australia, GetUp’s marriage equality spokesperson Sally Rugg, said Turnbull has “played himself” by getting new voters to sign up for the survey.

“Tens of thousands of young people have gone and enrolled themselves so they can take part in the survey, and young people who love marriage equality are probably the least likely people to vote for the Liberal Party,” Rugg said.

“In caving to the far right of his party and holding this postal survey, Turnbull has stunningly played himself.”

The push for marriage equality is present across Australia today – particularly online.

Uber is displaying a rainbow route, Google has replaced their ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ icon with a link to enrol, Gorman is giving away free ‘Love is love’ t-shirts. MTV, Pedestrian, Junkee and Broadsheet have all gone dark to motivate an increase in youth enrollment.

Change is coming. Be on the bright side of history.

It's simple. Make sure you're enrolled by tomorrow's deadline, and then make sure you vote YES. #brightsideofhistory #loveislove #dontfuckthisup LINK TO CHECK your enrolment is in my bio. Go ! Do it. ? ps. This art is by @lukejohnmatthewarnold ?

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