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Eclipse envy? Don’t worry – Australia’s got eight coming up

Australians who are feeling envious of the eclipse watchers can wait eleven years to get a taste of the action down under.

According to ABC News, there will be a total of eight solar eclipses viewable in Australia over the next century, with the next one occurring in 2028.

That eclipse will pass directly over Sydney and no doubt make for spectacular sights over the harbour city.

South Australian eclipse fans might want to stay put.

Within the century, a total of three total solar eclipses will pass over the state, with the next one passing directly over Yardea in 2030.

Two of those will also pass over the Gold Coast in the same time period.

For those who simply cannot wait, you could consider becoming an “eclipse chaser” and travelling to find one.

South America is your best bet in the next three years, with total eclipses viewable in Chile and Argentina on July 2nd, 2019 and December 14th, 2020.

To learn more, you can check out the official eclipse chasers website which has the added bonus of looking like a site from 1996.

The site has a leaderboard for folks who have the most “eclipses logged” and “shadow time”, which is time spend in the shade created by the eclipse.

The undisputed king of eclipses is Paul Maley, who has logged a total of 68 eclipses and enjoyed over 150 hours of shadow time.

Another notable chaser is Don Leibenberg, who has logged over two hours of solar eclipse shadow time (which is different from regular shadow time, OK?)

So what’s the big deal about eclipses anyway?

On Monday, people across North America flocked outside to see the highly anticipated solar eclipse, variously describing it as amazing, incredible or something close to a religious experience.

Here are some reactions, best viewed while listening to this:

Naturally, U.S. President Donald Trump managed to mess it up:

Sydney, 2028! See you there!

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