Age of Empires is back, baby! Here’s everything we know so far

It’s really happening, you guys – Age of Empires is back.

The game we all spent way too much time on as a kid is making its triumphant return, Microsoft Studios announced today.

Age of Empires 4 is the first release since 2005, and to say people are excited is an understatement.

Canadian studio Relic Entertainment is taking the reins for the game.

“We can’t wait to tap into our strengths as a studio to fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community,” Relic said in a statement.

We didn’t get a release date, so that’s a bit of a buzzkill, but there were some juicy details in the trailer.

It looks like the game will have a range of civilisations throughout history, instead of just the one (in the trailer there was concept art from ancient Rome to the American Revolution).

BUT we did get a release date for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, their 4K remastered version of the OG game that was announced at E3.

That’s coming out October 19 and will only be available on Windows 10.

Microsoft is also apparently working on remastering the second and third games as well.

Hell freaking yeah.

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