Featured Image for Huawei’s P10 is a professional tool for aspiring photographers

Huawei’s P10 is a professional tool for aspiring photographers

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A huge part of creating smarter smartphones is packing more features into the camera. We’ve come a looong way since flip phone cameras and grainy selfies.

Now almost everyone has a phone in their back pocket with the potential to double as a professional-quality camera. But some smartphones are managing the profesh level better than others.

Huawei’s P10 is one of the standouts.

Teaming up with renowned camera brand Leica, Huawei made sure to dot their i’s and cross their t’s when building the P10 and P10 Plus from the inside out.

The CEO of Leica Camera, Oliver Kaltner, explained the collaboration and the potential for it to make smartphone users into better photographers: “Our partnership with Huawei allows us to demonstrate to millions of customers that amazing and professional imagery can be achieved on a smartphone and that our expertise in lenses and optics can help them achieve fantastic portraits. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus give users all the tools of an artistic portrait studio in their pocket, allowing them to achieve stunning results every time they take a shot.”

So, what exactly makes Huawei’s newest offering so fantastic? Let’s have a look.

Leica dual camera

Techly has raved about Leica before, being a coveted brand for photography nerds. Huawei and Leica have previously teamed up, but the P10 collaboration has integrated all-new precise 3D facial detection technology that enables quicker, more accurate feature recognition. This results in better photos and smarter storage of information.

The camera scored 87 on the objective DxOMark rating scale, which puts it in very close company with the Google Pixel.

One of the most impressive features, according to DxOMark, is the image integrity.

Most landscape photography looks gorgeous when considered as a whole. But if the image pixellates when zoomed, it’s clear that the camera quality just isn’t there. When the P10 takes a landscape photo, the in-built dynamic illumination quickly takes stock of the objects and tracks lighting, adjusts shutter speed and auto white balance.

Huawei P10 compared to Google Pixel - DxOMark

The hybrid zoom feature allows users to zoom in on a single feature while retaining the sharp image quality of the wider landscape. Here’s an image which was taken by a Techly team member, showcasing the sharpness of a sunset in the Blue Mountains.

Sunset in the Blue Mountains

Credit: Vinnie Gorham

Better selfies

For the first time, Leica’s camera tech has been used in both the rear and front-facing lenses of a smartphone. This allows for features like portrait enhancements and reactionary sensors can offer the best selfies around.

Huawei’s phones are used in more than 116 countries, which requires an intelligent camera which can recognise various face shapes and skin colours. If the settings of a smartphone camera aren’t malleable enough to recognise the face in front of it, the picture can be overexposed, underexposed and just not…good…enough. An intelligent camera like the P10 is representative of new tech being used well.

This feature is particularly impressive when coupled with the front camera sensor, which performs nicely in low-light conditions. Responding to a low-light scenario by letting in more light is something that professional photographers are well-versed in. Seeing a smartphone camera manage the scenario automatically is something that must be seen.

Bokeh effect

It’s only been in recent years that the word ‘bokeh’ has been talked about in relation to smartphone cameras, but some significant gains have been made in a short space of time.

Huawei’s P10 offers a more natural bokeh effect than anything else currently on offer. Recognising a face and being able to navigate the depth of field allows the bokeh effect to shine (and deliver killer Instagram photos).

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the photos taken with P10 as part of the 100 Portraits series, which paired profesh photographers with a standout camera.

Anna, as captured by Stu Robertson

Anna, as captured by Stu Robertson

Levi Tapara, as captured by Stu Robertson

Levi Tapara, as captured by Stu Robertson

Man with hand covering face (black and white)

Mike, as captured by Stu Robertson


The Huawei P10 is on the market for RRP $899, and the P10 Plus is available for RRP $1099.

Both can be picked up at Harvey Norman, and through Vodafone or Optus.

The Huawei P10’s powerful Leica Selfie Camera and Leica dual lens technology make every shot a cover shot. It’s more than a smartphone: it’s a pocket studio, built to inspire. Find out more here.

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