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There’s an online service that lets you virtually adopt a pet

If you’re the kind of person who’d love to take in every stray animal you ever stumble upon, but can’t because, you know, real life, now there’s an online service that allows you to virtually adopt a homeless cat or dog.

A Russian group of entrepreneurs has devised ‘Teddy Food’ an online service that allows subscribers to help homeless dogs and cats living in partnering animal shelters. You pick the animal you want to help out from their list, and donate a fee to cover for its daily care expenses. Perks start around $USD2 and include toys, food and medical procedures.

For your contributions, you get to watch a 24/7 online video stream of your adopted little friend and receive detailed expense reports. The service also has a point and reward system similar to other social sites, which gives you a score and special badges depending on your donations. If you’d like, you also have the opportunity to meet and play with your furry protégé in person.

Teddy Food has been up and running for about a year, and so far it has partnered with 7 shelters all around the world. It currently has 293 contributors and more than 100 animals to choose from.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to collect funds to expand their operations to more shelters in USA, Japan, Poland, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland.

According to their site, “Teddy Food users are already providing support for the currently connected shelters. The Kickstarter campaign will give us the opportunity to connect more shelters in different parts of the world, and help even more animals by saving them from the streets and protecting them from extermination and cruelty. The more money we can collect, the more animals we’ll be able to help.”

Pledges start at $9 to feed a pet for a day, up to $1745 to connect 3 shelters and save more than 100 pets.

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